Banned: Drop Dead & Oh, Lola!

As I reflect on this past week in the world of campaigning against sexualisation and unhealthy standards in the media, I am so excited about two major victories in the UK. The Advertising Standards Agency banned an ad for clothing company Drop Dead which featured a very underweight-looking model. Marc Jacobs’ perfume ad featuring 17 year-old actress Dakota Fanning with the perfume bottle sitting in her crotch area was banned by the ASA for sexualising a child.

Whilst these may seem small in the face of the millions of photoshopped images we come nose-to-nose with each day or in the wave of a tide of sexualising material produced by the media every hour, they are victories. Drop Dead’s ad was banned because of ONE complaint. Despite frustrating inconsistencies shown by the ASA and the mountains of other ads we’d like to vanish, this is significant. Our voice is loud. It has power. Let’s use it!

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