How broken can a broken heart get?

The past weeks, and especially the past few days, have shown us very closely how broken our world is, and how fragile our life within it is. Whether it be in relation to the unrest and brutality occurring in the Mid East, the horror and tragedy Japan is going through, more local news that has saddened or angered us, or a situation in our own lives that is causing hurt and pain – or, indeed, the tragic reality that modern day slavery is ongoing in this world – and in dealing with these things, I think it is important that we allow ourselves to face the pain and what it means…these things leave us very, very broken-hearted.

I had a conversation with a friend this week about how much brokenness one heart can bear – is there a limit? I’m a stage in my life at the minute where I feel very, very heart-broken over many things…And sometimes it feels like I can’t take anymore. As a Christian, I have asked God to ”break my heart for what breaks His”. Sometimes though, I almost wish I never had. I’d rather have a heart made of stone that just went through life without being affected by tragedy or horror and without feeling sadness or pain.

The thing I have found to be such a comforting thought to cling to is that of knowing that Jesus understands my broken heart and that he is more broken-hearted over the things my heart is broken for than I can comprehend.

I don’t think it can stop at us being broken-hearted: I’m learning that what so often and so strongly breaks our hearts is what we are called to bring change to; we cannot stop at being broken-hearted over it. There has to be a reason. I’m not ok with being uselessly broken-hearted and I don’t think God would want for us to have broken hearts for no reason. There has to be purpose to this. What use can my broken heart have? I think often these things only make sense in looking back. But I want it to have some kind of use.

Sometimes, I think a broken heart is a way of getting our attention and moving us to some kind of action…

Whether it is praying for Libya, sending donations to Japan, raising awareness of trafficking…there has to be a purpose for my broken heart.

One thought on “How broken can a broken heart get?

  1. You hit it right on the head there. I’ve been wondering this myself for a while now. I once heard someone say to me “your biggest complaint is your calling”…
    What’s yours?
    psalm 51:17

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