Donating the funds we have raised

There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today. The crime and tragedy of slavery is taking place everywhere in the world, and takes on many different faces.

Since September 1st 2010, 34 people; and over 120 more since December 2010, have been renouncing their use of luxury products or habits to raise awareness of modern day slavery and funds for LOVE146, an organisation that works in the worldwide prevention of human trafficking and in aftercare programmes for its victims; focusing on child sex slaves.

We’ve come to the end of this journey and are ready to give what we have raised to the cause. If you have joined in this, or would like to make a donation, please visit the link below, where you will be directed to regionally-allocated donating spaces that are quick and easy to use.

Home Page

We’d love to know how much we have raised collectively and what we have given up for this initiative, to encourage you and inform us of what the next steps might be. Please take a second to anonymously comment on this post, with just the currency and amount you have been able to give – and if you have a second, what you have given up. This would be most appreciated and you need not worry about anyone finding out who you are, commenting is entirely anonymous. As your ‘name’, write ‘Raising awareness’ or ‘Countdown to Christmas’ depending on which initiative you joined, and don’t worry about your email address as it will not be published, you WILL remain anonymous!

Thank you SO much for having got involved in this. It has been inspiring to watch each of you give of your time and platforms and means to fight human trafficking!

12 thoughts on “Donating the funds we have raised

  1. Donating £400 – as a couple we gave up clothes shopping, carry outs and luxury food items.
    It’s been a good experience, teaching us to do without things we really don’t need and be creative about what we wear/eat.
    We would definitely be interested in ongoing support if you made some suggestions, Gemma!

  2. i LOVE this blog post. came across your blog through twitter and this struck me immediately. love seeing people use their voice to scream against injustice.

    it’s after Christmas but i’ll join in. i’m going to give up Starbucks for a week and donate towards well projects in Africa.

    keep blogging,

  3. Potato crisps, though one lapse/failure. Great to have something to give me a much needed reminder of the suffering of others but also the hope that we can all make a difference if we choose to care.


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